Feb 24 2015

Announcing Our 2015 Season!

Epic sci-fi. Space Odysseys (and oddities). And a tip of the hat to the new, soon-to-be-released Star Wars movie. All add up to our theme for 2015, “Hope Operas: A New Hope!”

All five plays in this series will include a nod to great sci-fi classics. Of course, our definition of great may include anything from giant flying turtles to Jane Fonda in zero-G…

“A New Hope” also refers to our all-new gaggle of writers, and the mostly-new set of directors who will bring their scripts to life. Our 2015 teams are:

  • Clifton Bryant (writer) / Catherine Aselford (director)
  • Laura Fontaine (writer) / Patrick Graham (director)
  • Stephen Krzyzanowski (writer) / Kristen Pilgrim (director)
  • Pamela Leahigh (writer) / Sara Bicker (director)
  • Will Mallon (writer) / Katy Chmura (director)

Show Dates are Oct 5, 12, 19, 26.

We don’t yet know the venue, so it could be anywhere on this Earth… or BEYOND. (But probably somewhere in the DC area… actually, make that definitely.)

About Hope Operas

Every year, Hope Operas brings together approximately 60 theatre artists to create five new works to raise money for five worthy causes.

The shows are presented in serial format: On the first night, the audience sees the first episode (10-15 minutes) of all five. A week later, they see the second episode, and so on.

Each show raises money for a different worthy cause. Audiences vote for their favorite show each evening–the show with the most votes raises the most money for its nonprofit.

It’s theatre, it’s competition, it’s for a good cause… and it’s hilarious! Join us for Hope Operas 2015!

Nov 22 2014

December 1: Stavrogin’s Confesson at Comedy Spot!

oi999-124760964532_xlargeThe Hope Operas is putting on a series of readings this winter to drive away those artistic blahs. Can’t stand the thought of another “Nutcracker” or “A Christmas Carol”? Yeah, neither can we. So come on out for something different!

First up, Stavrogin’s Confesson by John Regis. Based on a chapter in Dostoevsky’s novel The Possessed (AKA Demons). the play premiered in 1998 New York International Fringe Festival, and had subsequent productions in NYC at the Red Room (1999), in Pittsburgh at the Three Rivers Art Festival (2005) and Kansas City’s Fringe Festival (2012).

Directed by Hope Operas Board member Jonathan Lee Taylor and featuring Terrance Asleford, Paul Riesman, and Megan Dominy.

Curtain a 7:30 PM. Donations accepted at the door. Talk back and discussion to follow the reading.

The reading will take place Dec. 1, 2014 at The Comedy Spot in Ballston Common Mall (4238 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA)

Oct 28 2014

Hope Operas 2014 Week 4 Wrap Up

It was a nail biting conclusion to our sixth season, and a Hope Operas first: two ties!

Third Place: The Scottish Detective and The inTell Heart (Tie)

Coming in Second Place by only two votes: The Curious Case of Veronica Pepperpot

And taking First Place by only one vote: Magic Cupcakes & Hell is on the Red Line!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This season we raised just over $1500 for the Worthy Causes. Thank you to all the artists who donated their time and talent, and to our wonderful audience who came out to support live theatre and a variety of Worthy Causes.

Join us next year as we continue doing good by doing theatre!

Oct 22 2014

Hope Operas 2014 Week Three Wrap-up!

Week 3 was groundbreaking . . . or, more accurately, wallbreaking! The audience was thrilled, and the voting was close:

Third Place: The Scottish Detective and Veronica Pepperpot (Tie)

Coming in Second Place by only two votes: Hell is on the Redline

And taking First Place by only one vote: Magic Cupcakes

Join us next week for the chilling conclusion of Season 6!

Oct 16 2014

Hope Operas 2014 Week Two Wrap-up!

Congratulations to the Week 2 winners:

Third Place: The Scottish Detective
Second Place: The Curious Case of Veronica Pepperpot
First Place: Magic Cupcakes

Join us next week to see if the Magic streak will be broken!

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